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Translation and Interpretation Services

Learn Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Spanish, and English in the most fun and innovative way. 

What Do I Teach?

My name is Jonathan Neris (聶君浩).  Born in the United States, but raised in China and Hong Kong in a Spanish-speaking family, I am native English, Mandarin, and Spanish teacher, and also proficient in French, Cantonese, Latin, and Classical Chinese.                                 My classes mostly focus teaching you how to speak Mandarin Chinese in a fun and innovative way without using traditional textbooks, making sure that you learn to speak and understand Mandarin Chinese just as a native Mandarin speaker would.

Mandarin Classes (Individual classes and Group classes)

The Mandorican provides one-on-one Mandarin classes and group Mandarin classes online to people of all ages for all kinds of purposes, including HSK, TOCFL, business Mandarin, Mandarin for heritage language learners, etc. 

Cantonese classes (Individual classes only)

The Mandorican class also provides one-on-one online classes and premium audio and video content to Cantonese learners in Hong Kong, Macau, and/or other Cantonese-speaking regions.

Spill the Tea course (no men allowed)

The main purpose of the "Spill the Tea" course is to create a safe environment for both women, members of the LGTBQ+ community, particularly gender non-conforming Chinese learners while also providing tips on how to protect ourselves and express our ideals, opinions, and needs fluently and confidently in Mandarin Chinese. 

Chinese History and Classical Chinese

As a Chinese Literature major, Jonathan Neris (aka 聶老師), also provides an in-depth Chinese history course and a Classical Chinese course which will allow to delve deep into the roots of the over 6,000 years of history of the Chinese civilization, as well as a closer look into the Classical forms of the Chinese language which many native Chinese speakers from early elementary school until high school.